100 Conversations for Career Success
Praise for 100 Conversations for Career Success

“Are you looking for work? Meet your two new best friends: Miriam and Laura. Passing over vague, useless advice, these two zero in on the specifics of how to make the right connections and what to say once you do. If you want to have a successful job search, begin with this book.”

—Anita Bruzzese, USA Today columnist and author of 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy


“It’s all about how you communicate when it comes to landing your dream job, and if you’ve got even the slightest trouble in this area get 100 Conversations for Career Success. From cold calling to leaving voice mail messages to nailing phone interviews, Laura Labovich and Miriam Salpeter have figured it out and offer their smart insights and advice. This book will seriously help you diminish those sweaty palm moments during your job hunt.”

—Eve Tahmincioglu, career writer for Today.com and MSNBC.com, and CareerDiva.net blogger


“100 Conversations for Career Success is a must-have for any job seeker. In the book, Miriam and Laura walk you through the most challenging part of the job search process—starting conversations with people you know (and don’t know) who can help you find a job. I was particularly impressed with the level of detail they provide in scripts you can use to effectively communicate your message. Don’t wait until you need this book to start reading it!”

—Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP—president of ITM Group, Inc. and author of the blog HR Bartender


“With 100 Conversations, Miriam and Laura have given job seekers what they’ve never had before—the ultimate resource for reaching out to contacts and potential new connections. With detailed examples and scripts, this invaluable guide will help jumpstart a new job search or revitalize an ongoing one. I highly recommend it.”

—Liz Lynch, author, Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online


“Far too many job-seekers are flummoxed by the questions, ‘But what do I say?’ and ‘How do I say it?’ when it comes to the conversations they need to be having to propel their job searches. They are often stymied to the point of stalling or derailing their searches. Now, here comes 100 Conversations for Career Success as their salvation. Job hunters no longer need fumble for words as they learn to communicate effectively in situations ranging from networking, cold calling, informational interviewing, and through social media. This book will rescue many a job search.”

—Katharine Hansen, associate publisher/creative director, Quintessential Careers, www.quintcareers.com


“This valuable new resource for job searchers breathes fresh life into the tried and true strategies of networking, cold calling, and informational interviews with real world guidance for what to say in almost every situation a job searcher might encounter in today’s job market. And that’s just the beginning—the latest strategies for bringing social media tools to the job search are a revelation. Again, Laura and Miriam do not disappoint—they provide detailed descriptions of everything you need to know about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for maximum impact.”

—Dana Inerfeld, president, Catalyst Career Strategies


“100 Conversations is the definitive answer to the #1 reason job seekers struggle in their job search—they lack a formula (or script) for what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to build their network, get the interview, and land the job. 100 Conversations offers a solution and sample script for every situation a job seeker will face from voicemails and informational interviews to online social networking. No job seeker should be without it!”

—Laura DeCarlo, president of the global career association, CareerDirectors International; author of Interviewing: The Gold Standard and InterviewPocket RX; co-author of JobSearch Bloopers


“We all want to be more productive during job search, and, if we can, say the right things to the right people. 100 Conversations for Career Success is a smart purchase for anyone out looking for a job. It not only tells you what to say in every imaginable situation, it will also lead to a more confident and purposeful use of your time.”

—Tim Tyrell-Smith—founder, Tim’s Strategy, http://timsstrategy.com


“Building and maintaining solid connections are critical to creating opportunities in any field at any stage. Whether a recent graduate or experienced professional, if you want to connect authentically with others to further your job search, 100 Conversations not only tells you how, but SHOWS you how. I plan on recommending it to my clients after they soul search and are ready to land their dream jobs!”

—Maggie Mistal, named one of the nation’s best known career coaches by CNN, MaggieMistal.com


“In this competitive market, it is vital to be able to ask for help during your transition. I have directly observed several thousand job seekers in the last three years; unfortunately, they’re simply doing it wrong. The result? No one wants to or is willing to help them. There hasn’t been a solution to this problem until now! Miriam and Laura put together a simple—yet powerful—book on how to get others on your side, and they have even given you all the recipes. All you have to do is follow their advice and guidelines and pretty soon you’ll find yourself happily employed again. I highly recommend this book and give it two thumbs up!”

—Paul Anderson, career columnist and TV co-host, www.prolango.com


“Miriam and Laura have taken the guesswork out your next job search. By thoughtfully contemplating virtually every scenario you may encounter, 100 Conversations will instantly serve as your go-to resource for career success.”

—Mark Stelzner, founder, Inflexion Advisors and JobAngels (now Hiring for Hope)


“Bravo! Miriam and Laura have created a comprehensive step-by- step manual for job seekers. I finally have a resource I can point referrals, connections, friends, and colleagues to for all of their job-seeking advice. I spend hours each week discussing the variety of topics covered in 100 Conversations—I will now be sharing this tool with all future candidates. This is the must-have manual for anyone looking for a job.”

—Heather McGough, staffing lead, Microsoft Corporation, and 12-year Microsoft veteran


“This engaging, practical book gives job seekers exactly the tips they need to handle every challenging job search situation—and there are many! From the crucial 20-second pitch to politely lever- aging your network for job referrals, from cold calling to mentoring others, this book has it all, in a very accessible format. Highly recommended.

—Heather Krasna, author, Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service and Director of Personal & Professional Development, Gabelli School, Fordham University


“Job searching often is not perceived as a friendly, engaging experience, and instead is seen as a lonely, frustrating and rejection-filled activity. Miriam and Laura’s book truly helps disarm job seekers’ apprehensions. I highly recommend 100 Conversations, not only to job seekers, but to all careerists who want to take the helm of their career ship and sail into the sometimes tumultuous career waters with fearlessness and excitement.”

—Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, partner and chief career writer, CareerTrend, www.careertrend.net


“This is must read for any job seeker! It’s current, relevant, practical, and has real examples that can help job seekers at any level.”

—Seth L. Feit, regional vice president, Human Resources, Time Warner Cable


“No more excuses for not knowing what to say! Any question you’ve had about how to introduce yourself, what to say in letters and emails, how to write your profile bios, how to network online, and what to say on the phone; Miriam and Laura expertly address in this book so they easily and confidently roll off your tongue!”

—Hannah Morgan, job search strategist, www.careersherpa.net


“My biggest screening criteria before I recommend a career book to clients (or dive into it myself) is whether or not it includes real, actionable advice. 100 Conversations for Career Success does just that from cover to cover. I love the success stories and sample scripts and texts throughout as well as the boxed career success tips in every chapter. Two thumbs up and definitely earning a spot on my short list of recommended reading for clients!”

—Laurie Berenson, CPRW, CEIC; Sterling Career Concepts, LLC


“Like a trusted coach sitting on your shoulder, this invaluable book will walk you through countless situations where you’re wondering how to approach someone, how to present yourself, or how to properly follow up. Read it straight through the first time, but keep it on a low shelf as you’ll be returning to it on a regular basis.”

—Marci Alboher, vice president, Encore.org and former New York Times columnist


“In today’s world of multiple communication methods and ever-changing digital etiquette, 100 Conversations for Career Success is a fantastic resource. I recommend it to any job seeker seeking expert tips, detailed scripts, and honest advice.”

—Lindsey Pollak, author, Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World, www.lindseypollak.com


“If you’re looking for a new job or a making a career change, 100 Conversations for Career Success is a must-read! This book is chock full of useful templates, amazingly helpful scripts, and general career tips—you won’t believe how you survived without it. Miriam and Laura knocked it out of the park—and you’re the beneficiary.”

—Jodi Glickman, founder of Great on the Job (http://greatonthejob.com), author of Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It, The Secrets of Getting Ahead; contributor to Harvard Business Review


“This book is the job seeker’s ultimate instruction manual. It is a practical, tactical guide to what you need to say and how to get your point across when contacting prospective recruiters and targeting employers to generate interviews. You don’t ever need to be unsure about how to connect with hiring managers to get the results you want. Miriam and Laura provide multiple examples for almost all scenarios you will encounter to help you ultimately land your dream job.”

—Lisa Rangel, managing director, Chameleon Resumes (http://chameleonresumes.com) and author of The Do-It-Yourself Branded Resume Kit


“What great advice! Laura and Miriam have given us a gift. Even the most inept networker, job seeker, and career novice will come out looking and acting like a pro if they follow even 10% of the suggestions in the book. I will be recommending this book to all my Career Development Facilitator certification students, and will pay close attention to these tips to move my own career forward.”

—Janet E. Wall, EdD, CDFI, MCDP; president and founder, Sage Solutions and


“While you’ve been networking since the first day you asked a new classmate for a toy in pre-K, knowing what to say and how to say it can get complicated—especially when you’re exploring opportunities and trying to sell yourself for a new job at the same time. This quick start ‘where you need it’ guide, provides you with strategies and openers that will enable to you to go from tongue-tied to a master of effortless conversations—from cold calls and LinkedIn introductions to how to gently say no and recommend someone else when you’re not the right person for the job. Read it. Study up. And go out and land your dream job.”

—Chandlee Bryan, co-author, The Twitter Job Search Guide and career coach at BestFitForward.com


“Miriam Salpeter and Laura Labovich have hit a grand slam with 100 Conversations for Career Success! Their instruction for step-by-step script development is clear and to the point. This book should be read by any professional serious about success career management, not just job seekers. I will certainly use it often and recommend it to all of my clients.”

—Cynthia Billington, CPCC, CPRW, Associate Director, MBA Career Education and Advising, Graduate Business Career Services, Texas A&M University


“There’s no single path to securing a job anymore. This book will help you learn how to present yourself better to employers so that you can get your dream job instead of settling.”

—Dan Schawbel, managing partner, Millennial Branding and author of the international bestseller, Me 2.0



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