100 Conversations for Career Success
Perfect time for networking

This is the PERFECT time for job search networking:

  • The holiday spirit inspires people to want to help someone else.
  • Work slows down at a lot of companies, leaving time for long coffees, lunches and informational interviews with you!
  • Hiring does NOT stop; statistics show that hiring happens right through December, with January known as the golden time of recruiting.

You don’t want to miss opportunities — right there for the taking — at this special time of the year!

Why am I telling you all of this? If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of our book, 100 Conversations for Career Success. The book is all about networking – which is what you need to do right now when new networking opportunities are around every corner! We cover:

  • How to introduce yourself.
  • How to succeed at informational interviews.
  • What to say to a recruiter during a phone screen.
  • How to communicate via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.
  • And much, much more – everything you need to know to move your job search forward.

THIS is the time to move forward — when people are most receptive to your networking inquiries.

We’re excited about the wonderful response to the book, but we have a goal to get more great reviews on Amazon, so we decided to get in the gift-giving mood and make an offer you can hardly refuse!

We’ve recorded a Q&A session answering typical job-seeker questions. For example:

  • What’s LinkedIn’s endorsement feature all about, and should I care?
  • How can I prepare to answer questions I don’t want to discuss in an interview?
  • I’m making a career change; is there an assessment tool I should use?

When you review our book on Amazon and sign up via the link below, we will send you the recording of this call and future calls. (We’re even happy to take your requests of questions we can answer on future calls.)

So, don’t delay…Let’s help each other: if you’ve already purchased our book, please do us a favor and write a review. If you have not purchased it, now is the time. (It’s even available as a Kindle book!) Have you already found a job? 100 Conversations for Career Success makes a great gift for someone you know. Feel free to pass along this offer.

To get your free gift:

1. Buy the book, read it and review it on Amazon. To find the book on Amazon: Follow this LINK.

2. Once you review the book, follow this LINK to give us your email address. As soon as we confirm your review, we’ll send a link to the audio and you will receive future audios, too.

Thanks so much for helping us meet our goals. We hope our book and audios will help you meet your goals, too.

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