100 Conversations for Career Success

September, 2012 – Well-respected job search experts, Laura M. Labovich of The Career Strategy Group and Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers, are excited to announce that 100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold Call, and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job, is now available in bookstores and online. This practical job search communication book is for smart, savvy job seekers who know they need to mine the hidden job market and go “off-road” with their networking contacts, but are stuck when it comes to what to say.

Co-authors Labovich and Salpeter explain that they know many confident professionals who cringe at the idea of making cold calls or reaching out to someone they don’t know. In fact, one job seeker actually said, “I wish I had some sort of script to use.”
Enter 100 Conversations for Career Success. This handy resource helps address the question on every job seeker’s mind, “When I reach out, what do I say?” It showcases more than 100 sample job search scripts, tips, and templates to take the guesswork out of networking communication. The book includes examples of job-search interactions in person, via telephone, by email, and on social networks. Read more
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Have you stopped by your local bookstore to ask about 100 Conversations for Career Success? Send us pictures of the book when you do find it on those shelves!

 100CareerConversations (at) gmail (dot) com

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If you purchase a copy of 100 Conversations for Career Success on September 13-16th, you are eligible for an exclusive author  Q & A group call with proof of purchase.

Just email a copy of your dated receipt to:

100CareerConversations (at) gmail (dot) com

and we will send you information about how to sign up for the call, which will be scheduled for several weeks from now so you have time to receive and review the book. Even if you can’t attend the call live, you are welcome to submit your questions for us to address via email and we will send you the link to listen to the taped call. (Within a week of submitting your receipt by the 16th, we’ll be in touch via email.)

Thanks for your interest in 100 Conversations for Career Success!

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